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Meet The Team

Carl Grainger – Founding Director

Having 10 years experience in virtual reality, I wanted to create a company to use this technology to help support the healthcare sector and the wider community. It is my aim to work with experts in the healthcare sector to create apps to maximise healthcare planning and support.

Liam Heron – Developer Lead

Having received a first-class honours degree in game design and concept art. It’s great to be using my qualifications, skills and passion to be creating virtual reality applications to be supporting so many people in so many different ways.

Adrian Morris – Operations Director

A chartered engineer with 40 years experience in business management through OEM’s & SME’s. 4 years at The University of Liverpool managing research projects and links to local businesses focusing on digital technologies. Utilising those skills to develop digital healthtech solutions. To utilise my skills and knowledge network to support the team at Viz Box.

 Research & Development Director – Position Pending



Andy Cairns – Managing Director

20 plus years’ experience in project and programme management within public and private sector. A wealth of experience taking health tech organisations from ideation to full commercial launch and into multi-million-pound businesses. 

Claire Buckle – Disability Awareness Consultant

An award winning disability advocate, innovator and ex paralympian, using my life-long lived experiences to change perceptions of disability and reduce the stigma of disability in society. Being part of Viz Box allows me to use my knowledge and experience to help and support others who need that little bit of extra help.

Melissa Jackson- Fundraising Manager

I have 20 years of experience of working with non profit, community based organisations to secure funding to deliver the essential services their communities need. As someone with lived experience of trauma and neuro diverse conditions, I am passionate about enabling VizBox to grow its offers of support.

Ai Nakada – Cognitive Psychology Researcher

My research in the theory of Artificial Psychology and the sophisticated stage of Artificial Intelligence. My research will greatly promote the development of the theory of personification control. Using EEG and Eye Tracking technology to understand and support emotional response.

Mandy Whalley – Occupational Therapist

Experienced State Registered Occupational Therapist with lived experience of dyslexia and other neurodiverse conditions. I have a history of working in the health care sector. I’m also the founder of the Empowerment Passport, an online tool to enable people identify and self advocate reasonable care plan adjustments.

Cat Lee – Social Media & Admin Support

After volunteering with Viz Box for a number of months, I was offered the position to assist the companies social media, as well as the general admin. I’m now enjoying helping publicise Viz Box across various social media platforms to reach support even more people.

Dan Robinson – Volunteer

Having a keen interest in video editing and all things computer tech. I found Viz Box is the best place for me to develop my skills. I’m happy to be part of a team doing great work for people who are neurodiverse.

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