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Welcome to Viz Box

Welcome to Viz Box where innovation meets medical care in the world of virtual reality.

We specialise in developing cutting-edge medical interventions using VR technology, Haptics Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

With a commitment to revolutionizing rehabilitation, our immersive technologies harness the power of Virtual Reality and AI technology to provide personalised and engaging experiences aimed at restoring mobility, cognition, and holistic health.

All products are developed to support the healthcare sector.Working together with the correct to ensure we get it right.

We are reshaping the future of medical recovery through the limitless potential of our Medical Tech products.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) supports interactive gaming and virtual environments, VR is a technology designed to simulate a three-dimensional environment. This creates a visual safe setting or scenario that feels authentic to the user. Utilizing a virtual reality headset, the user can immerse themselves in this 360° atmosphere and participate in a variety of different activities. VR is now being widely adopted in the healthcare sector to support physical and mental wellness.